obrei para gorras


Get started in the art of customization with Beinsen Obrei. The Obrei heat press is the perfect companion to start with.

Heat press machine for sublimation Riad


Riad is a versatile heat press perfect for small jobs thanks to its plate (15 x 20 cm) and its

Plancha térmica Doha


Doha is the perfect solution for mass production. With its magnetic closure and automatic opening, it gives you the freedom to

plancha transfer beinsen kenia


Kenia is a high-quality manual heat press designed to sublimate various objects of different shapes and sizes. With

Plancha transfer beinsen barbados


Barbados is a versatile and efficient manual heat press, with a plate available in two sizes (38 x 38cm and 40

belice manual


Belice is the simplest model within our range of manual heat presses, designed to offer an easy way

plancha doble plato guyana


Guyana Dual Plate Heat Press Save time and increase production with our Guyana dual plate heat press. Its magnetic closure